Guest Lecture – Mr. A. K. Pattabhiraman

             Mr. A K Pattabhiraman (Head AP – South, AIP, TN – TCS), an avid speaker addressed us on 12th July 2016 on these below mentioned issues and threw light about the present scenario. He started with a notion of wishing all the best to all the future managers ,which struck a light in  my mind. He then started bridging us to the business world. This gave me knowledge about how the IT industry is transforming into a more technologically driven stream.


          The buzz words like BIG DATA, IOT kept circling my mind, the person speaking to us was bubbling with energy he proved that looks are deceiving

“What do you have in you? Will be the question raised in every aspiring manager when he talked about the competency”

          The relation between the changing world trends like protectionism and how it influences the IT industry was given clarity by explaining in detail.

          GAME FIXATION another new word for me, which is the method of selection process adopted to recruit the persons with type of skill which the company is looking for. He also gave us a methodology to succeed in the works which we do in a story format based on the eagle, which was a best way of giving the methodology

  • EXTENDED HORIZON(set your standards high)


  • LONG VISION(not an empty one)

          The correlation between the vision which should have a related objective, and the combination of these two will take us further. With his fruitful experience in the industry he thought us from his experiences that DIFFICULT DECISIONS are to be taken at times which brings good

In short he gave an idea for us how it will be and how we should be to face the BUSINESS WORLD.

– Arun Dinesh (PGDM I)


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