DESIGN THINKING – Dr. J. Jagatheesh Jayanand

We had the great pleasure to listen to a very well-known practitioner of the industry. Dr. J. Jagatheesh Jayanand (Senior Manager/Vice President – Learning and Knowledge Management Team at Accenture) has 19 years of work experience.        

           Dr. J.Jagatheesh Jayanand joined Accenture in 2007 after five years at various organizations like Tenneco, L&T, ACC Cements, and Wipro.

“To create meaningful innovations, you need to know your users

and care about their lives”

          First of all, Dr. Jagatheeh told us something about the current on goings in the industry. How design thinking has great impact on the employee’s career, for instance it is very important to have Great attitude and mindset in every organization. It was really fantastic which created a spark in our minds.


          The lecture was divided in two parts. In the first 30 minutes Dr. Jagatheeshgave an insight about design thinking. The second part was all about group activities which was more of how to implement lateral thinking.

           In the first part Dr. Jagatheesh expressed us a lot about empathize, Observe, Engage, Watch and Listen. That has built a strong foundation all about communication in any industry. “Framing the right problem is the only way to create the right solution”, yes it is true we understood the approach about problem solving skills (which is one of the prime technique for an organization).

          The second half was more of activities, where we were divided in groups and asked to explicitly express our thoughts about the question which we pound to a CEO of a company who is visiting our college for a lecture. This stimulated us to make maximum Innovation potential. Then the stage was set for us to engage in role play, to bring our ground-breaking to a reality. The core idea behind this to grab the opportunity promptly.

          Bottom line the guest lecture was a colossal chance to gain distinctive experiences from a very well-known practitioner with 19 years’ work experience in the industry, which had a grand impact on us to acquire design thinking skills. Overall it was one hell of an enlightening session.

-Ashwin Rajan (PGDM I)

-Chandrasekar.R (PGDM I)


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