Small Acts of Kindness !!


          We often forget how much of an impact a small act of kindness can have, which may not mean much to the person doing them, but may mean the world to the person receiving them.

Here’s my list of small acts of kindness in no particular order:

1. Greet a person with a warm smile. You exude positivity.
2. Say ‘Thank you’, whether that person is a co-worker or a cabbie. It brightens their day.
3. Appreciate others on their achievements, no matter how small that is.
4. Tell a woman ‘You look beautiful’. Believe me, they love receiving genuine compliments.
5. When you’re in a crowded train or bus, offer your seat to an elderly, disabled or pregnant lady.
6. Simply say I’m sorry when you are wrong.
7. Don’t jump queues.
8. Help a blind person/elderly cross a road.
9. Spend time with your family.
10. Buy varieties of chocolates for a small kid.
11. Never use your mobile phone while out on lunch/dinner with someone. Listen to them.
12. Give away clothes that you don’t use anymore. There’s no use of it lying idle in your shelf.
13. Take a minute to guide someone who is lost, even though you are rushing.
14. Call your mom and ask how her day was.
15. Visit your friend in the hospital. It’s just a matter of few hours/days, but they would be happy that you stayed beside them.
16. Never keep any dues. Be prompt.
17. Don’t interrupt when someone is explaining themselves.
18. Never haggle with a street vendor.
19. Check on your friend, but not when you need them. They might be expecting your text otherwise.
20. Leave a generous tip for a pleasant waiter. He would be more than happy to serve you the next time.



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