Is Android a user friendly operating system ?

          The most wanted and trending operating system in the today’s world is ANDROID. which is ease to access when compared from other operating systems. This software is installed in most of the smart phones and tablets. this is introduced by LINUX kernel and later developed by GOOGLE. This is initiated in 2003 a against apple IOS platform. the first version is released in market 2008 followed by cupcake donut with recent kikat in 2013.the main ease ness in android phone is manipulation of touch screen with virtual keyboard in order support gaming cameras far 2 billion smart phones are sold with this operating system.

My view over architecture

android-vs-apple          The basic use from android are application usage for music camera etc. this apps are developed by GOOGLE through GOOGLE play store. these apps are basically developed in java and installed directly. the frame work of every application is managed by activity manager which deals the function of the application and notification manager which provides the notification from the apps to our knowledge. resource manager which will use the external resources which help to support graphics. the well organized core libraries help users to access easily. The android run time is better when compared from some other operating systems. The 3D, 2D advantage help to support gaming which is liked by most of the users and to watch movies for teen people.

        The video calling which is most demanded in this era and people are moving far away from their home town due to various reasons to make them feel their home feel video calling is best.

The main supportive advantages of the android are:

  • Open Source Framework

  • Uses of Tools are Very Simple.

  • Availability of Apps

  • Great Social Networking Integration

  • Better Notification System

  • Updated User Interface Design

  • At a Time Applications

  • Low Chance of Crashing

  • Stability and security

  • Support for Extra Large Screen Sizes and Resolutions

  • System Wide Copy and Paste Functionalities

  • Improved Power Management and Application Control



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