Is ‘BIG BILLION DAY’ a Marketing strategy ?

“Marketing is no more an added advantage but it has become a mandatory element to push products to the end user irrespective of the needs that it caters”

         Big billion sale of the Flipkart helps the e-commerce giant to explore its strength but deploying large resources in marketing.

         The word “Sale” has its glory and as gained attention among the buyers of the e-commerce platform in the recent years. Flipkart has deeply understood the kind of adrenaline rush that the word “sale” creates to its buyers.


          They create hype among the buying community by using the word “sale” and seed that deeply in the minds of the consumer by restricting them to look for alternatives in a blindfold. The extensive advertising creates a huge expectation and reduces the decision making process the consumers even for high valued products. This strategy helps the company to push large quantities of high valued products at ease which is very difficult in a normal day.

          The play around with the price of the products to create a buying sensation and an urge to buy products irrespective of the usefulness and build quality. The word “sale” is a like sensation drug which keeps pulling consumers until the thirst of satisfaction is fulfilled. The company takes advantage of the consumer’s thirst to fulfil their dream sales target.

          The marketing strategy is to pull consumers closer and retain them as long as possible because in the competitive market acquisition cost is too high and e-commerce giants like Flipkart pump in a lot of money to acquire customers through exhaustive advertisements, So it becomes vital to retain customers by using the glory word “sale” as their strong marketing strategy.


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