No- Shave November ?

So people just don’t shave the whole of November?

Does it make me look Macho?

          The above questions troubled me two years since 2014. I wasn’t aware of the initiative No-Shave November and it’s cause. All i could remember is posting photos on social media and showing off my long grown beard 😛

          A year ago is, when i really went deep into my thoughts to dig out the curiosity to know, what No-Shave November actually is?

So what is No-shave November?

           The Ultimate goal of No-Shave November is to create awareness among the society by growing our hair. The cancer patients tend to lose their hair during the aggressive chemotherapeutic sessions in the process of curing. This awareness is just an initiative to raise funds to help those suffering from cancer. This challenge actually goes up for the whole month of November, where men let their hair grow wild and long, without spending money on shaving and grooming.

 Rules of No-Shave November!


The rules are very simple 🙂

  1. Throw away your razor for 30 days (November).
  2. Let your beard and Mustache grow wild and natural.
  3. Don’t groom or shave.
  4. Save money that is spent on Grooming and Shaving.
  5. Stay away from sight of our Dean! 😛

no-shave-november beard-me

 It’s very easy! Isn’t it?

          Final step is to donate the money to any cancer institute or use the money to create awareness among people about cancer and its preventive ways. Motivate your family and friends to follow this, take up this challenge, post a pic on Facebook and create awareness!

It’s not too late, is it? Better late than Never!

Throw away your razor and participate. Lets fight the cancer together!





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