Nestle-India gives its brands a fresh NEW LOOK!

          Nestle India has not only tried to break the glass ceiling for a Girl Child in its new theme “No Break from Education” but also to improve it’s brand awareness

             Nestle India has recently changed the packaging of its brands- Maggi, Kitkat, Nescafe to support #EducateTheGirlChild. We all will be wondering whether Nestle is really trying to be socially responsible or it’s just another marketing strategy. They have just changed its Kit Kat theme “Have a Break, Have a KitKat” to “No Break from Education” to support the education of a girl child.

Why did they bring about this change?

         crvhkimumaazvwl I was also in a dilemma as you guys are now. So i saw the new ad commercial of Nestle KitKat in (Click to watch!), I was literally interested to play the 10 second commercial again and again, the Red kitkat with the background sound mix creating an environment of a classroom during a break and as the school bell rings “No Break from Education” message flashes out.

         Of course, they are socially responsible, as they have indirectly tried to “break” the ‘glass ceiling’ for a girl child. When I was miraculously attentive in a Marketing Session, I heard our Marketing Sir explain us how the emotional appeal of an ad caters to the perfect transfer of marketing communication message into our minds. For me, this Nestle KitKat’s recent change of packaging seemed a simple, stunning and perfect creative strategy to Effectively Communicate and remind its consumers of their brand.

         So, no doubt Nestle has effectively designed its message in such a way that it not only transforms the theme for brand awareness but also to show that it is responsible for our society. I am happy that i got a good learning from this Nestle’s Yukti (Strategy) J .

                                                                                  –  J. K. AJITESH, I-YEAR, PGDM


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