Guest Lecture – Mr. Shashikanth Jeyaraman

          nACH our HR club was having it’s inauguration function and we had an opportunity to attend a lectured by  Mr. Shashikanth Jeyaraman, he is the CEO & Principal Advisor at Hex Advisory (P) Ltd and also the  Founder of HR Sangam . He is highly experinced manager  and an eloquent orator  ,  who oration commands attention, but the most likeble quality about the lecture was  he kept it interactive and casual. The lecture he gave concentrated on  the charecter that one should posses in order to be recognized as an effecient employee, leader and  manger.

          He started of his session by playing the counting game .For those of you who don’t know the game let me just explain you the rules group of 20 people would start counting from one but on every multiple of 7 you would have to say 7 up and thump your chest ,if you fail to do so you will be out and the game will start from bbeginning. As the game moved forward and number of people reduced he introduced new rules like thumbs up on 5’s multiple &close up on 6’s multiple. this game was all about adapting to the changes.

          He used the example of Virender Sehwag  and how he once stepped out of the crease to hit a sixer on reverse swing ball, to explain how to  adapt in  tough situations and how not to be scared when status quo changes .

          He told us story of A.P.J Abdul Kalam , our former president Dr Kalam also known as missile man of India had sucessfully created an weightless material for the rockets , but according to Dr Kalam  his greatest joy was  when he used the same material to produce prosthetic legs for children.It tought us perseverense , humility and the fact that we should become capable enough to be useful to others.

          He concluded his lecture by giving us the example of the Indian army in Siachan glacier , one of the most secluded places ,with no way of communicating with outside world, where you could die due to frost bite and how soldiers have to even work along side the dead bodies of their commmrades all for their love for our nation to teach us about how to be dedicated and work under extreme conditions.

          We ended the evening with price distribution for T-shirt design competition was conducted on part of inauguration

14940248_1239747099401932_7797666313774590245_oFirst Prize: Rs.1500

Team:Perfect Professionals
1.Naveendurai Manikandan
2.Sheik Mohammed Hasansha

14991438_1239747329401909_1804805751801079712_oSecond Prize: Rs.1000
Team : P!cas!ans
1.Abinaya Raja
2.Jerine Kiruba
3.Karthikesh PS

15042085_1239747569401885_1067921723911678000_oThird Prize:Rs.500
1.Tess Treesa Pauly


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