Just the mention of Tom and Jerry makes people all around the world split into grins. As icons of our childhood days the determined cat and the witty mouse entertained and won our hearts. With practically no dialogues and quick animations the show delighted people all over the globe.

More than just a couple of icons they were great influencers of our childhood. And what lessons did they teach us.

# LESSON 1Size never really matters, Tiny but witty Jerry stood toe to toe with Tom in all their skirmish, using it to the advantage by scampering into tiny spaces and generally getting back at Tom by the end.

# LESSON 2: Unlike Tom when Jerry runs, it’s not for food, it’s for life. One of the primary reasons it always manages to escape is because failure is not an option. Rightly did Eric Thomas say

“when you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe only then will you be successful”

# LESSON 3: The best comebacks of Jerry have always been when it got cornered. When fighting back was the only option. You never know how strong you are until; being strong is the only option available. Tough times similarly are just opportunities to bring out the best in you.

# LESSON 4: Tom never conceded defeat to Jerry. Hundreds of botches but it never gets tired of chasing jerry. What is life if not the continuous determined chase for what one wants, It doesn’t matter how elusive and difficult it is, the chase is often better than the goal that is the journey is sometimes more fulfilling than the destination.

# LESSON 5Be creative. Tom never did use the same trick on Jerry. He always escalated his trickeries learning from his past mistakes conspiring and creating elaborate schemes to catch the Jerry.

# LESSON 6Every action has an equivalent and opposite reaction. More often than not Tom, who plans the devious of plot against Jerry falls prey to his own machinations. Sometimes likewise in life karma acts in weird ways bringing back to us what we deserve. Emphasizing what goes around comes around

# LESSON 7: The best of the episodes was when both Tom and Jerry had to work together against a common enemy. The witty and the valiant together overcame almost insurmountable odds. Likewise in life, United we stand divided we fall.

# LESSON 8: The most important lesson is irrespective of the circumstance and Tom and Jerry never forget to have a blast. Laughing, having fun all the way to “THE END”. And isn’t that the most important thing in life?


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