dr-sergio-canavero                When, I was just surfing through some news in Inshorts. I came across this astonishing Controversial ‘Head Transplant’ to be done by Italian Neurosurgeon Dr.Sergio Canavero. He plans to attempt the world’s first head transplant operation in UK next year.

 A really Astonishing and Mind-Boggling Surgery!


          Seems like the head transplant means grafting of one organism’s head onto the body of another. Sounds like a freaky Frankenstein surgery due to the risk involved! Sergio claims success of this transplant in animal experiments. Watch this Video, which is a video on successful surgery on a dog. As the next step for Humans, Sergio plans to do this surgery for Valery Spiridinov, a wheel-chair bound Russian Computer Scientist.

          The Head Transplant Process first involves cooling the brain-dead donor’s cadaver and the recipient’s head down to around 12 degrees Celsius so the cells do not die of oxygen starvation. The spinal cords are then cut cleanly with a super sharp nano-blade to minimize damage. After draining blood from the ‘recipient’ head and slowing circulation, it is carefully removed and connected to the ‘donor‘ body by fusing the ends of the spinal cords with polyethylene glycol. Once the muscles and blood supply are connected, the patient is kept in a coma for several weeks. When he comes out of the coma, the patient would “immediately be able to move,  and even speak with the same voice. Intensive physiotherapy would enable him to walk within a year.

       Watch this Video to understand the human head transplant process.

         According to me, this is Good,.. No., a best improvement in terms of bio-engineering technology, as it has changed the world and changed the way a human body works.


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