INDIA: United by love, divided by language.


          We Indians have a perception that whatever language we speak is the best language. We have divided India into north, south, according to us north Indians should not learn south Indian languages like tamil, telugu, kannad and south Indians should not learn hindi, bhojpuri. I don’t know why we create a perception like this in our mind, not only this the language we used to fight for is not being used much at today’s time,English which is a foreign language is now the most common and most prominently spoken.
graph          People don’t want to speak native language as it won’t look ‘cool’. They feel that speaking English will make their position high in others eyes but this is really not so I feel speaking our native language gives more confidence to express our thoughts and feelings.
The best example we can see is how President of China only speaks his language which is further interpreted in English when he can’t leave his language then why we just to show how cool we are. Now we have seen even PM Modi speaks only hindi while addressing to public as well as in his foreign tours. Speaking in hindi doesn’t show that we are illiterate or we are not good in English it just shows how much you love your country and your language. Even the tourists who visit India tries to speak hindi, when he is not ashamed of that then why we are. If you meet any foreigner and if you got to know that you are from India he says ‘namaste’ over saying hello.
           If a person from outside can respect our language then why should we not, because it is said if you will respect yourself then only people will respect you.

  • – Shringarika Gupta, I-Year, PGDM

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