Jackie Chan finally wins an Oscar !


       After venturing in more than 200 films with 56 years of film expertise Jackie Chan won the top accolade. He said that he started dreaming about an Oscar when he saw it in Sylvester Stallone’s house 23 years ago. Describing him as “Chan-tastic” Tom Hanks compared him to John Wayne and Buster Keaton in the introductory speech.

          Chan began his career at the age of five with small roles. Working as a stuntman for Bruce lee, his first breakthrough as a lead came in the year 1978 with his film Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. His kung-Fu comedic genre became a coup then.

          He aspired to become an international star and launched his international career through the American film industry in 1980. To his disappointment, he was not widely accepted by the American audience.  He once said that during his Hong Kong stardom he cried his eyes out in his hotel room after a press meeting in the US as he was asked to exhibit his Kung Fu poses, not acknowledging him as an actor.

        In 1995 Rumble in the Bronx was released worldwide and it was a huge success in the US market. He became a sensation after his blockbuster movie Rush Hour. He has stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars.

          A diligent actor who performs his own stunts had several life threatening accidents and broke many parts of his body. He once said

“My schedule goes: wake up, running, exercise, downstairs, running shoes off, then to the shower. That’s the Jackie Chan diary.”


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