You May Be the Boss yet…!


When everyone is concentrating in Digital India, Clean India and Make in India, this is a small piece about Developing India in a meaningful way.

          So what is the latest model in Audi??? Royal Enfield?? All the bike lovers and travel lovers know this and even more about this. While it is a passion/ hobby/ craze for someone to go for a ride, just go ahead with your favourite one. But being the youth of India why don’t we use Public Transportations for non-emergency cases??  Imagine in Chennai City at a peak hour a single man sitting in a car with AC, hitting the horn for another car in front of him with a single man sitting inside. Sounds really funny! Why doesn’t he use his office cab or some public transport?

 He may be the boss but not acting wisely…of course use it in an emergency case or to go out with your family.

There are a lot of benefits in this. No Traffic problems, less pollution, can save money in petrol and can interact with many people, even more… Think of it.

          But don’t make your girlfriend wait for long hours then you’ll know what will be the next scene!!

                                                  – Surthi A Lingam, I-Year,  MBA


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