An Hour with the LAW!


How irritating it is to see policemen blocking the whole stretch of the road for just one government official to pass by for his personal activity? It is not just irritating, it’s annoying. With a taste of coconut water still perishing in my tongue, I had to wait for a share auto to travel in order to cut down walking for about a kilometre in 5 minutes. There were a few police personnel standing beside and having a discussion and were making sure the vehicles were moving out of the place smoothly, one point of time I had a thought that those people were here to cut down the traffic in that area which wasn’t that much affected by traffic. After few minutes I started to sense that the road happened to become a ghost town with no vehicle passing us and felt weird that no activity was taking place around us. In reaching for the reason we came to hear that the policemen have blocked the roads for a government official to pass through. There were no vehicles around as they had blocked the roads branching out of the main road and were making sure the pathway was clear. Accompanied by a companion who is so much like me, we had a thought of walking the last kilometre in order to reach the destination at least by a minimal delay time. Walking with a person who is very much like you, will never feel the time running slow, we started walking on the road where there was no activity except for the policemen standing on the sides of the road every 100meters. It so happened that I saw a policeman who was a dull head and was standing on the side of road knowing nothing other than watching us walk on the road. When we were about to cross him I questioned “Why have you blocked the road?”, “The Governor is coming” he replied. It wasn’t a big surprise for me, being an Indian it’s not a big deal to see the policemen blocking the whole road for a single official to pass-through. “He was planned to pass at 3 pm and it’s already 5 pm” he added. I replied, “as usual”. I didn’t stop for even a second during this conversation as I had to reach the destination a tad faster. We had to walk faster and while walking we heard a loud voice and we could literally find anger in that tone, it was a policeman from a distance shouting to ask us to walk faster towards him. Reaching him he asked to stand on the sidewalk until the higher official has crossed that place. He even stopped a bike coming and asked him to switch off his engine. How annoying is it? After 10 minutes we heard the loud siren sound nearing us from a distance, a car surrounded by 5 police patrol in the front and 5 in the back passed us. All we could do is stand over there and watch this so called power n’ politics play its role.

  • – Rajesh, I-Year, MBA

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