An Oath every MAN should take!


How much worse can happen than a girl getting molested in public? Even a New Year won’t help change it! This is an article that pulled me over to the keyboard and made me pour out the words in anger. Anger isn’t the only emotion that peeks through when you hear about a girl getting molested. India is a country where people look bad at a girl who got raped whereas start celebrating the first day, first show movie of a porn star. The irony is the porn star is a term that could be used in public whereas condom isn’t. “Culture is something that defines people”, utter crap!

 It’s the people who start a culture which none understands. 2016 was a year where people raised up their voices against men raping and stabbing women. But the saddest part is, it wasn’t for long and at the same time it all went useless. 


Manisha Gupta a gutsy IT professional reported that she was groped by not a single person but by a group of people on the eve of New Year. She even saw many girls crying and running for help just because they too were groped. After a happy morning, she and her group of friends planned to chill themselves out in a pub and planned to enjoy the birth of a New Year late that night by leaving the pub late at around 11 in the night. On their way to their houses, they got down to a metro station and started moving towards their home. 

Even before they thought of sweeping through the increasing crowd and move out quickly, someone on the sidewalk informed them not to go through as something bad has happened to few girls.

 The crowd increased rapidly in a matter of minutes and even before they traced back their route, the crowd pushed them inwards. Her male friends made sure that nothing bad happens to her by surrounding her on all four sides. In spite of that, she got groped. She says “It was impossible to catch one person in that moving crowd. There were a number of girls who were in a similar situation. I saw a few of them crying and running for help. It seemed futile. The police were vastly outnumbered like 20-25 to 1. Women were either worried or scared. It really was mass molestation”. 

How gutsy is Manisha when no other girl would like to speak out when being groped. Men sometimes aren’t just men, they become animals. Being a male, it’s a shame to come across such incidents. 

What should be done to those men, Punish? Kill? My anger would come up with more brutal punishment.

RESPECT WOMEN”, an oath that each and every man should take.



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