Donald Trump vs H-1B visas

Mr. Trump was elected pledging to restrict immigration. That means the most of the Indian Migrants entering America on High-Skilled worker or H-1B, visas could become a target for tougher vetting, said by Roy Beck – President of Arlington. He said his organization provided information and analysis to Mr.Trump and a handful of other more candidates during campaign even-though the group doesn’t support any individual candidate and doesn’t current work with Mr.Trump. During jobs overseas to countries like India and China. H-1B visas are not mentioned on the immigration policy page of Mr.Trump’s presidential compaign website.Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Fort Worth

His vision is to “Establish new immigration controls to boost wages and to ensure that open jobs are offered to American workers first”. Therefore this H-1B permits has changed over time. In early years the number of such visas should not be increased. But after the debate,  he issued a statement vowing to “End forever the use of the H-1B as a cheap labor program.Mr.Trump’s presidential transition website’s immigration page does not address H-1B visas, focusing on curbing illegal immigration and reforming legal immigration. According to this, Mr.Beck said while he does not think the H-1B program has scrapped entirely, requirements for technical skills needed to obtain visas-along with visa fee could be raised and he noted that Mr. Tump may be pressured by technology companies that depend on non-American coders and engineers but at the same time he will be facing pressure from the supporters who are angry about immigration. The major key part of India’s outsourcing industry, which employs millions and accounts for about 20% of India’s exports of Goods and Services, has long been sending Information-Technology engineers and programmers to the U.S. on H-1Bs. Increasing rules of Visa would be a challenge for firms like India’s largest software exporter by revenue – TCS, Infosys,Wipro Ltd., Because of this India faces large obstacles for the people who are all working in the U.S. based firms. And it cut down the opportunity for the good and high skilled worker of Indian’s. But in my point of view, this will have a positive outcome because of this most of highly skilled workers are able to work for our Nation and this will increase the Economy of India and by this way we can sustain our skilled labors with us.


  • – Vinitha, I-year, MBA

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