Buddy! ♥

buddyHis name defines him, Buddy...  a person who was born to be a friend. He’s not like any other ordinary dog and I believe no two dogs are alike, just like how we human beings are. He’s special, blessed and has got the charm to capture anyone’s heart and the first boy to get that close to my heart. It was love at first sight, I got him first when he was just 9 months old, he at first was a sleepy head thought he would be just as lazy as me but he later he let me know that he was an energy bomb.

       The sleepy buddy, when he was just a puppy was frequently sick and sometimes he wouldn’t even be able to walk but unlike us, who won’t move a step when we get a slight temperature will try to walk to me with those baby paws try to play bite me and call me for a duel. At that time, I wasn’t so happy with my life. I did not appreciate the gift of life; slowly he made me appreciate life.

Whenever I come from college I used to be upset over petty things that happened in college but, when I see buddy he will struggle in so much pain but still come to me with his wagging tails and wet paws across the hall and jump with joy by just seeing me. I learnt a lot from him; he taught me patience, smiling through pain, the ways to love life and adore it.

       He will let me tend to his sores and not resist in the treatment and can wait patiently until he is called. When he was under continuous medication  and when I tended to him he would fall asleep in my hand, he was an adorable guy.

       Buddy, like I said was a high-spirited happy dog. Not a single day was I feeling down when he was beside me. He was suffering so much and yet he never gave up and fought against it, and he got well!

The days I spent with Buddy are my happy days and the memories I will carry with me for the rest of my life. He put up with all the things I did to him (smiling) I would surf YouTube and find some tricks for him and will try to train him to do it with the help of some pedigree and chocolates and to my surprise he always managed to do all the tricks which Scoobie (My lazy Pomeranian and Buddy was a Labrador and Doberman Cross) who didn’t even try to attempt it. Always playful, trying to please everyone he meets and would do anything for treats (happy tears) that are how to define him.

       Buddy is, a child, a brother, a smelly boy, a fighter, an inspiration, a friend, my one true love, a beautiful dream he’s all of it to me! ♥

– Sapna Fitzherbert, I-YEAR, MBA



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