Drink water when u get hiccups??

Life gives you hiccups, and that’s when it gets interesting. Hiccups give you a reality check and you get a pause to get back to the real world if u were dreaming about your fantasy. Fantasies are grand and attractive but they aren’t real. Sometimes people tend to get stuck in their own fantasy.main-qimg-df35c91e218db7bd400e7b4c5fe3c16b-c
Hiccups are good as they give u a pace control over you. At the same time, they are very lethal, it can steal your whole life in just a moment.  It’s up to the person on how he manages those hiccups. There are two options one to drink water and wait till your hiccups get stagnated or just go for a kill. Kill, I mean an adventurous ride may be!!
Hiccups could be a fight or an ambiguous situation or a mission impossible, it could be really anything. It could be huge, destructive or even a smooth and lovely one. When facing such, all you have to do is ‘THINK’. Think for the reason behind it, think what should be done next, think what could be the takeout .but Never think what would be the result of that. It would not only put you in a pause but also depress you such that you cannot think what we should do next.
Relationships are the most affected by hiccups. Hiccups can become a cyclone and it could be tricky for a relation(ship). Any ship can sail a smooth & friendly ocean but only sturdy made ships can pass through a cyclonic ocean. All it requires is a strong bond.water-fountain-875
In recent days these so-called relationships are a just namesake. They make promises but are not viable. ‘I love you’ becomes the step1 & ‘I want to marry u ‘ becomes the mediating step to the last step called marriage.  Men propose their love just to know about their ‘beautiful girl’. It’s the external beauty that’s been the important factor for falling in love nowadays. They date until they know about each other and if they come to know that they both are made for each other then they go ahead to step 2. Most of the people won’t get to step2 because as said they are a just namesake.
There would always be an exception to everything. A hiccup comes like a cyclone but after every rain, there would be a rainbow. This rainbow can be cherished only by those exceptions that don’t have to wait for the step 2 to happen as they know they meant it when they said ‘I LOVE U’.
When your relationship is going through the storm all you have to do is ‘speak up’. Speaking out what you feel would suppress all the forces including the external and internal forces of the storm and eventually it will disappear and also no scar would be left behind. You know each other more than anyone so play according to each other. Ego, the furious internal factor empowering the storm is the first thing that should be totally eradicated during these situations. Never let anyone mediate things, whatever it is, have it between you. You might have a perception like only a third person could solve the problem but that is not what the reality is. The introduction of the third person would only bring in the new perception of the problem which would lead to even more destruction. No matter what, never give up on the one who you have chosen to bind with for eternity.
I repeat hiccups are good but they do have effects. It’s all about what you decide to do when u have a hiccup.



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