My Inspiration – Chandra Kochar

My favourite and hard working personality is none other than “Chandra Kochar ”  CEO  of ” icici bank”. Her hard work and dedication to her career inspired me to choose my path to follow her footprints.
Let me  brief about my dream girl
She was awarded as” most powerful business women “continuously by past 5 years announced by Forbes.
Her tagline which she used to say in every interview to the students

“Remember that good times and bad times will be part of your life equally, and you have to learn to handle both with equanimity. Make the most of life’s opportunities and learn from every opportunity, and challenge that life brings along.

Which help me to use all the opportunity and helping me to learn more things.

Nowadays we are not bothering about the people around us.instead we are using them to save money which never replaces the care and affection by the people.
Even she is one of the busiest females.She always follows work life balance.

mind can achieve anything, but in achieving your goal, don’t compromise on the values of fair play and honesty. Don’t cut corners or compromise to achieve your dreams. Remember to be sensitive to the feelings of people around you. And remember, if you don’t allow stress to overtake you, it will never become an issue in your life.

We women should never Fear for challenges.
“Challenges  always boost up our responsibility”
By which my fear towards challenges completely becomes zero.

Her hard-working nature is awesome .she worked 12 hrs a day throughout d week which helped icici bank to Install nearly 2000 ATM throughout Tamil Nadu alone.

“Being optimistic and having eternal vision will pull up women across the sky” 20ceo10

next time if any women feel demotivated and decide to give up, do read her best views to derive inspiration. And  Keep working like it’s your last day of life and always give your best shot!

“Proud to be women “



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