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On my first day at TSM, in a commanding tone, my first senior to rag me for the first time, gave me the first feel in TSM. Sounds nice Nah!! Everything is first.. and yes.. She is the first in my senior friend list…

There I got with her and till now with her.. Opposite poles attract each other but not always… we both have the same mental disorder and that’s the reason why we are still like this! One more person was there throughout with us in all the crimes… she’s Naveentha… we three make a perfect gang to do all crimes…IMG-20170307-WA0019

She made our TSM days a better one with her experienced advice (not boring) which made ours be a really cool one. All our late night chitchats are now just memories… It’s true that whenever We think it puts a smile on Our lips and a drop of tear in our eyes. Everyone call her Daalu… I’m somewhat close to her so I used to call her Doolu… she smiles whenever I call her in that way. Most of the times I forget that she is my senior, she was that much closer to me…

Wondering what made Us this much Mad with her!!? Here I tell. She is a budding entrepreneur who has started her business months ago… She is doing hand-made personalised gifts, We used to sit with her and watch how she makes it. We’ll go shopping at times. Yes for dinner too… Yukti was one more thing that made our bond even stronger…  I used to make fun of her, there I become the senior.. she’ll be quite but if she starts talking you’ll say “For God’s sake Can you please stop talking!”

IMG-20170224-WA0008The days we spent in our Mess, Café, Lab, Hostel is unforgettable. We are gonna miss her next year. Some personal things which I would like to quote in one word: Milo, TN, Boxtha, Gum***,Chocolate ***,  Avalum naanum…, scene a ******…(* – not a bad word)

Typing with tears.. though we keep in touch through calls and messages, it’s not like having you by our side.. miss you, my dear Doolu…. Love u Forever….

-Surthi A Lingam, I-YEAR, MBA


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