HI everyone! Hope your internships provided you with one hell of an experience. Even if it did not, never mind. The bright side is we are back and together! Gone are those days when we were tagged as #THE JUNIORS. Welcome to our final year at TSM and allot is awaiting you SENIORS! (P.s. try getting familiar to this tag).Anyways I don t want to take up your time. I just want to share something which made me ponder! Please don’t tag me a feminist because I am not, for from how I am about to narrate I may sound like one!

       I am just a muddle-headed 23 year old! Sounds like a genuine intro I guess! So here I go. What is it like to be a young woman in India? After what had happened on 16th December 2012, the night which turned out to be every woman’s worst nightmare and when whole nation plunged into darkness as India united as one, I heaved a huge sigh of relief “This is it!!At least from now on there will be safety ensured for the children of tomorrow.” But there was a part of me which did not allow me to completely believe this ideology. Soon the sudden bright light which was glowing all over India started diminishing and my fallacy was proved completely wrong. Certain things can’t be easily eradicated I guess! On an average 4 rapes were reported each day in Delhi in 2013.

       1An American student Michella Cross who had come to study in India describes India as “Traveler’s heaven, Woman’s hell” She had narrated about the horrifying experiences that she had to encounter on her 3-month stay in India, where she describes thus “no way to prepare for the eyes, the eyes that every day stared with such entitlement at my body, with no change of expression whether I met their gaze or not. Walking to the fruit seller’s or the tailor’s I got stares so sharp that they sliced away bits of me piece by piece.” When some consider losing to Pakistan in a one-day match as the greatest shame to the country, can you please tell me which the greater shame is? What made me ponder on this issue now is the chilling reminder of the Nirbhaya case which happened in Haryana recently where a girl was gang raped in a brutal manner. An autopsy of the victim showed that the woman’s skull had been shattered, and sharp objects may have been inserted into her private parts.

      Another such incident happened in Gurgaon where a 22-year-old woman was allegedly gang-raped by three men after throwing her nine-month old daughter off the auto rickshaw in which she was travelling, leading to the death of her child. How merciless and cold-hearted can people be! What were the mistakes of these two women? Was it the fact that they were born girls? With such hungry predators roaming the streets of India how can women possibly be safe? I feel vulnerable because I am a part of what constitutes “HER” in this society. Even though draped I feel naked .Castrating rapists was once seen as just a hyperbole, but not now! Recently a young law student in Kerala chopped off the penis of her rapist, in what she claims to be an act of vengeance and self-defense. Atta girl!!She should become a role model to many. All she did was act to the situation with sheer courage and wit. Can’t we do that? 2When such heartless scumbags do such shameful deeds why can’t we give them back what they deserve? They deserve nothing less than what that law student did! When every girl in India starts to rise up just like her, a safer India will not be a far cry in the long run. The question to every girl is “Do you have what it takes to do such an act?” and the question to every guy is “Are u the kind of guy you would want your daughter to marry?”



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  1. Hello Miss Tess
    The Vedhalam climbed back on King Vikram’s back and started narrating a story
    Dev comes to his home town for his marriage
    Dev meets his friend, Ashok on the road and goes to his house. There he meets Indu, Ashok’s fierce sister.Ashok opens up a story which reveals why Indu behaves such. It seems she has lost her virginity during her tour with her friends. And no one questioned her more about the bad incident.

    By this time, Dev is going to be engaged. Dev invites his best friend, Ram to the engagement and introduces his future wife to him. Dev pointed to his future wife, but Ram mistakenly sees Indu walking towards them. Ram who was shocked, congratulated him saying he has a big heart that he was willing to marry the girl he raped. Then Ram narrates the story, when his friends went to Goa. There, Ram’s friends have Dev a drink and made him drunk enough to meet a call girl in the room 55 in the same hotel. Indu happened to be in the same hotel with her friends for her tour. Dev mistakenly enters Indu’s room when it was only her in the room alone. Dev mistakens her for the call girl and accidentally sleeps with her when she was intoxicated. When Ram comes looking for him, he saw Indu’s face on the bed.

    After knowing this truth, Dev is all over guilty towards both his future wife and Indu. He decides not to marry his would be wife, and says this to Ram. Ram who wants Dev to be happy with his life, tells to Ashok that he was the one who raped Indu. Dev splits both of them saying he was the one ruined Indu’s life. That night Indu confronts Deva and asks him to still marry his future wife as she thinks it was just an accident between them. The next morning, just before Dev marries his to be wife, she stands up and asks him to stop acting. She says that she already knows that Dev was the one who raped Indu. She created a havoc and refused to marry Dev, and also embarrassed Indu. Getting angry, Dev quickly marries Indu. As he marries Indu, he looks at the girl who forgave a rapist where she smiles at him. It turns out to be Dev himself has told her about this incident and had asked her to act such in the wedding the next day. She agrees to Dev because of the respect she has on him.

    Now the Question asked to King Vikram Who is bad in this story Dev,The girl engaged,Ram or Indu. What do you think Vikram would have said Miss Tess


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