e-Learning taking over the World?

There is always an interference of technology in every aspect of our life and learning industry is no exception. Technology has invaded the educational sectors and for the betterment of life as well. Precisely, the use of technology to deliver the learning content to the learners is e-learning. It’s time to pull up our sleeves and get into e-learning. Many students of this era are short on attention spans and get bored easily, yet addicted to technology. e-Learning can come in handy in such instances. It also serves well for students who have to drop out of schools/colleges to take up jobs but still want to finish their education. e-Learning provides course creators with amazing options to present their content. Having said that, due to lack of human presence, the biggest challenge for any e-Learning educator or course creator is to keep the engagement level of the learners intact or rather high as the course advances.

Interactive e-Learning comes to the picture here. Content can be presented to the learners in the form of games, simulations, interactive diagrams, etc. Through interactive eLearning, learners can interact with the content in many interesting ways thus making the learning process interesting and fun and make them remember forever. This approach also helps the learners to memorize the things quickly they have learned in the course.

Thus e-learning and specifically interactive e-Learning is quite useful in education. The e-Learning blended with artificial intelligence market in the US education sector is likely to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 47.50% during the period 2017-2021. The Union budget has held an outlay of Rs.79,685 cr (The US $12 bn) for the education sector in the financial year 2017-18, up from Rs. 72,400 cr (US $10.8 bn) in 2016-17, a 9.9 per cent rise. (Source: The Hindu)

The Government of India has allocated around Rs.17,000 cr (The US $2.55 bn) towards skill development, employment generation and providing livelihood to millions of youth, in order to boost the Skill India Mission.

Here, I feel, are a few reasons how e-Learning is useful:

  • For easy access: Since the courses are available online, it is very easy for students or professionals to access them via smart devices that are capable of accessing the internet.
  • Access at any time: Students or professionals can be flexible in accessing the course. Unlike the classroom sessions where students had to be on time or they could have missed the sessions whereas some e-learning courses are recordable in nature so that we can access anytime anywhere.
  • Instantaneous: It has become very easy to take assessments at the end of any chapter and obtain the instant results. The snag with classroom assessments is, for a large number of students, it used to take a lot of time for teachers to calculate the results hence, we need to wait for days for your results, unlike e-learning.
  • Interactive: e-Learning courses can be made interactive. A course might have a person speaking and explaining a topic with real life examples or it might also take the characters playing the role of a story.
  • Transcendence: A kid residing in some remote part of a developing country with barely no access to do schooling can now learn from some of the best teachers around the world in their respective subjects, that too for free or at a very low cost. Just give them an e-learning experience and they will be ready to fly for sure.
  • Acing the App culture: There are multiple websites and apps for providing solutions to the problems. Thanks to the App culture! These apps by edupreneurs give them exposure in the market as well as encourage others to move forward to the technology era.

In all, e-learning is taking over the world these days. Ranging from schools to colleges, everyone is looking for easy and time-minimizing methods to teach their students effectively. Nothing stops for anybody, Come it’s time to roll up the sleeves for e-learning!



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