What SIMON says?

Hai guys! This is Tess again! This time I am not going to talk about social causes or related topics. As someone who is pursuing her PGDM, I want to provide you with some insight which I received after watching Simon Sinek’s speech in TED TALKS. “Inspirational!” is not just the right word. After pondering on his talks I got to understand that the whole world should work using just the simple logic“ why?”I was enlivened to know that you need not be an Einstein to do something or find something innovative, you just have to be a curious homo sapien who simply muses on the “why?” part of everything. The great and inspirational leaders did this from the beginning of time contrary to the others who viewed things in the same old perspective of “what?” Sink framed this “why?” perspective into the golden circle. So what exactly is the golden circle and how does it look like?

1501357872847-14762660This reminds us of a galaxy where “why?” portrays the sun, “How?” and “what?” , the planets which revolve around the sun. The concept is more or less the same. The whole system is controlled by the question “why?” .What and How just revolve around ‘” why?” .Strange it sounds right? Let us see how the golden circle works. Every organization knows “what” they do, like selling shoes or providing services and some know “how” they do it, like their value proposition or USP’s stand out. But the sad truth is that only a very few companies know “why” they do what they do. This is the major reason many of the organizations fail to make an impact on the audience. The companies who answer the “why?” first then work their way to the “how?” and last to the “what?” thus working inside-out are sure does stand out from the rest of the others. Why defines your purpose, your motive, the cause behind all these efforts, your belief, why do u exist in the first place? The question is will you be able to give a clear well-defined answer for the “why” first then proceed to the “how?” and “what? “How many of us muse on this question “why”? The way you think act and communicate is from outside in which starts from what and ends at why not inside out which is the vice-versa which is what is actually expected from you. Let me give you an example. If I ask you to tell me something about yourself, how do u start? Many of you will be like I am so and so, I did my U.G here and I am an 8 pointer and I attribute my success to my teachers, my college…Blah, blah.., now here is the question, how many of you would have started by answering the question “why you are here?” .Let me tell you being an 8 pointer or doing a lot of certifications is not going to showcase you as the best, it is the way you portray yourself in that few minutes which decides who you truly are. Who are you truly? Companies will not be interested in knowing what you are and how you are, the question which interests them is why you are.Do you have the knack of giving the best possible answer to that question then I bet, you will see yourself settled in the position where you always dreamt of being one day. As Sink says “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” Hardly few of us know why we are living for? To accomplish exactly what is the reason for your existence? The truth is many of you find it hard to admit this on the thought of what the others will think of you if they find out that you don’t have a purpose in life. Let me make this clear, I am only talking about the “some” who fall into this category. Some of you, when asked where you see yourself after 5 years, will reply thus “I want to go with the flow of life, see where life takes me so and so Blah blah”.Off you go with these lame replies! The hard truth is these people have still not set a goal in their life or they are too afraid to tell it to the world in the fear of losing. Let me be frank life doesn’t direct you, you have to direct it. The oars are in your hands. It depends on the direction you row. Do you think if Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet thought in the very same manner they would have achieved all these great heights? Think! “Guess what companies like Google and Apple followed?” ”Exactly! The golden circle. So friends set a goal and work on the “why” part and gradually work your way out. Obviously, all of you will get placed in one company or the other.The question is “Was that company your ‘dream company’ or was that job your ‘dream job’?” The clock is ticking!



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