The sarahah Sensation!

The sarahah fever was trending over the last few weeks. Well, Sarahah might be the next Habit-Forming tech product like Facebook or WhatsApp.It mainly involves four factors Trigger, action, variable reward, and investment.Triggering is something we all are fond off, yes there really exists something that triggers us to post anything about our loved ones and hatred ones, to reboot a relationship, to spy on someone, to make speak out someone about some secret things and much more. This is the first step made by sarahah, it does internal triggering to burst out our anger, loneliness, boredom etc…

Next follows the action that we tend to post.Their main target is the generation –Z and millennial. The variable reward we are going to get is the most expected one; what confession I am going to get? What he/she react to this? Do anyone have a crush on me? What do my friends think about me? This curiosity is what it makes us use this application. The question is that whether this level of variability is enough to make people stay on this?

It makes us invest our time in it. We post this in our social media profiles and we are waiting for comments from others.Thus sarahah is still dependent on social media sites. Our investment makes us stay in this loop as we go further around this loop, but the big challenge is how long it makes us stay in this loop? Though it appears fun, when you receive threats, abusive messages, love proposals, you naturally tend to be scared and start suspecting all people around. This app affects people who are emotionally weak and psychologically corners them.

Zain Al-Abidin Tawfiq, the developer of the app, says it was intended for self-improvement through feedback. The word “Sarahah” is Arabic for honesty or openness. Tawfiq initially piloted the app with the workplace in mind, as a way to get honest feedback from colleagues. Some are making fun of it and enjoying, at last, don’t miss these little things in your life, at last when you look back this might be the biggest thing you had ever done and a single confession had changed your life! Enjoy the so called “Honesty App”



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