Bewitch the Skint

         When you bestow food for the hungry you make a lasting difference in their lives. The smugness that you get can never be expressed in words.  If you are ever wondering the need for this article at this hour, I’ll give you a clue. It’s a celebration. Yes! It’s World Food Day. For a bit of fact, World Food Day is celebrated on 16 October to extol the founding date of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States in 1945. To me, if you ask it’s just another day. The past or the future never matter if you have never made a lasting today. I’m writing this because there are some pains that need to be taken care of. The celebration is not just a word; it’s a world of togetherness. When one part of the country celebrates and other starves it makes no sense in merrymaking. The poignant fact is The World is hungry. With each passing day, the World demands for a better tomorrow. The back-breaking innovations impose the need for sustainability.

          The grim actuality is millions of our fellow beings are dying in hunger while millions of tons of food are being thrown away. It’s a global shame to know that the food we waste can feed 3 billion people. Statistics say over 30% of the food is being thrown to garbage. Why not feed while you know there is an excess is how I want to frame my thoughts. I’m glad there are many social welfare organizations that feel that the pain shared is burden halved. Have you ever thought of the fact that Food is going to be the next costliest possession? If not let me give you a glimpse of the harsh reality. The most important fact would be the population growth which is expected to expand to about 9 billion by 2050. Next is the changing climate. The increasing change in climate would drastically affect the agricultural produce. Because of this reason though we know it’s unsafe using pesticides and adapting to genetically modified foods we accept because we know it would never be possible to feed even one with the punishing climatic changes. The most important final fact is that there is an alarming rise in the prices of food. The irony is that even with the sufficient quantity of food available we have billions famished to death. So, who should we point the finger at? Who is to blame? The industry? The politicians? The farmers? The retailers? None but ourselves! With each passing day there comes the hope for tomorrow. Let’s show them that there is sunshine waiting to be seen.

          Be the change you want to see in the most part of the world. Being part of TSM let us give hopes that there is some light on the other side of the tunnel. Let’s be the reason someone smiles today.  I’m glad that as a part of We Care club we have adopted plans to feed the hunger with the excess foods that we waste on a daily basis at TSM. We clothe the needy because we know what it means to give a sense of security to the people who need the most. It’s a total bliss to realize that you had been of purpose to someone in need at the end of the day having seen the moments of lasting smiles.  To give you the glimpse of our food distribution activity, we contributed to the needy on behalf of TSM’s We Care Club on 6th October. We packed approximately 30 packets of excess food and distributed them around thiruparangundram. One of the students Gomani Rajan pursuing PGDM Ist year remarks, I got an opportunity to understand where I stand in the world and how lucky I am. When the moment they asked for a food and I am able to give it I felt something which cannot be explained through words”. Gopika from PGDM says, “It was a different experience distributing food to needy old people near the temple. People voluntarily came forward and asked for food packets. We generally waste food but there are so many people starving for 1 meal a day so let’s stop wasting food. We can distribute leftover food in mess to needy people. And some old people blessed us when they got food packets from us blessings from old people is good”.

          There are two major problems that need to be addressed in distributing the food packets daily– Transportation and the need for volunteers who can actively contribute in packaging and distributing the packets daily. We have too many memories to cherish. Food being the major commodity of life is the most necessary part of a day to day activity. I felt deeply hurt when seeing people starving for food and love and affections. I longed to get opportunity to serve the people of those kinds. I got a fulfilled heart when I got their blessings. It’s the most appreciated offerings that one could give to the other human. Thanks to TSM we care club in providing me the opportunity in serving the orphans” says Haritha of PGDM. To the people reading this article right now, I just wanted to know if you can give a thumbs up to volunteer us. If yes, feel free to contact we care club at any time. We believe together we can make a difference! It’s high time we realize that there lies a responsibility that has to be fulfilled to bewitch the skint!

               – Jeyapriya K, I-year, MBA


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